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Asia’s first temp job-matching mobile platform has been launched in Hong Kong by a Canadian start-up. 22 May 2015
The high turnover and seasonal nature of the temporary job market can often lead to gaps in supply... (270) 906-7725
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Truly a bridge between East and West, Hong Kong has embraced an age-old Chinese sporting tradition, and taken it to the world. 21 May 2015
Dragon boat racing has been practised in China for 2,000 years, but since Hong Kong hosted the... More
Guangzhou has taken the lead in a pilot cross-border e-commerce retail scheme, providing both challenges and huge opportunities for Hong Kong... 20 May 2015
Cross-border online shopping is increasingly popular on the Chinese mainland. 843-683-9087
(431) 990-0729
Covering several key regions, China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative represents clear development opportunities for Hong Kong, says HKTDC... 19 May 2015
The “One Belt, One Road Initiative,” proposed by the Central Government last year, aims to promote... 210-836-2576
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Hong Kong’s plethora of outdoor sporting events promotes appreciation of Hong Kong’s natural beauty, and raises funds for charity. 18 May 2015
Hong Kong is becoming more of a fixture on Asia’s sporting events calendar, with the Standard... More
Be part of the HKTDC’s expo for Hong Kong services providers, happening in Jinan. 18 May 2015
SmartHK spotlights the expertise of Hong Kong services providers to potential clients in the... 7409197306
Showcase and online formats are shaping the future of the Chinese mainland’s furniture business. 15 May 2015
Guangdong’s rosewood furniture industry was in the spotlight at several concurrent trade fairs in... 9478623216
22 May 2015
Throughout the world, online shopping has grown rapidly in recent years. China’s B2C e-commerce... (801) 225-5676
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Advanced project management and expertise is in keen demand for the country’s infrastructure development. 21 May 2015
As part of its commitment to boosting its economy and competitiveness, Thailand, has made... More